Heavy Vehicle EDRs - Event Data Recorders

Heavy Vehicle EDRs

The purpose of this site is to provide general information about Event Data Recorders in heavy vehicles. Individuals who may benefit from this information include:

  • Police investigators
  • Insurance investigators
  • Truck drivers
  • Transportation fleet managers
  • Attorneys who handle “wheels” cases
  • Private investigators and accident reconstructionists

The information on this site is a basic overview of Heavy Vehicle EDR (HV EDR) technology, especially EDRs that are part of the Engine Control Module (ECM). The authors of this site have relevant formal education, professional training, and specific experience with HV EDR technology.  The authors may be contacted individually through the links on the right.

Download the Wisconsin State Patrol (Technical Reconstruction Unit)'s ECM Field Guide here. This guide was created by the WSP to assist investigating police officers in identifying ECMs and preserving ECM data. As long as you do not alter it, you may print, distribute, and use the Guide. You must also credit the WSP TRU with authorship.

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